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 i was smoking on the terrace there was a railway track behind in the distance i saw a woman standing how fast do you think a woman can walk on a railway track? There will be stones all right? i kept watching She went like a flash from that end to this end Brother ya? come here COME here Seasons Race this at my house sir am going for delivery if you want.. Finish the delivery and then go Sir, it might take some time… am saying na? go my daughter will not kill you go i didnt say so for that sir, it.. get lost Raghava? What happened? what happened? whats this? blood’s all over your body? where did you go? Game Game? where’s he? what happened to him? Speak the games up now he’s inside only go,see what happened? my Anu sir What happened to anu? he’s been repeating the same word like a madman Stop crying and tell what happened? tell, tell leave him take that chair for him do it sit Stop crying STOP CRYING say, what happened? i went to deliver the Game A bungalow in Anna Nagar this is what you call delivery in  mins eh? Got little delayed on my way here little late eh? i asked you to keep that here Am not having change for  mam shouldnt you have brought change with you? Na, I actually have change for  i didnt bring for  ever since you came, you’ve asked too many sorrys ok  right? Seasons Race i go to the restaurant and get change? its all right, i’ll check upstairs i guess the Game will turn cold before I find you the change where are you? what happened there? where are you? You do not have enough balance to call this number Please try after recharging your number whose that? look here sir sir, save me sir sir, its locked inside sir, are you able to hear me? Sir, are you able to hear me? sir, are you able to hear me? who the hell are you? where’s Smitha? Why are you picking her phone? Sir, i came to deliver Game sir Someone has.. What? you came to deliver Game? yeyeyes sir ehat are you bluffing? Both of you thought i left town eh? nn no sir Where is she? Open the door Seasons Race.