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 Because water radiates heat even more effectively than land, the oceans take even longer to start warming up. So although the land has been warming since January the th, the sea is still losing heat and the ice continues to grow. Greenland sea ice is at its maximum extent at this time of year, in March. But over the next few weeks, the tilt of the Earth towards the sun as it Gamess it will allow the northern hemisphere to get an increasing amount of solar energy. The days will get longer and warmer and the sea ice will begin to break up and recede. Then the hunting season will be over. The existence of the sea ice here in Greenland is testament to the complex response our planet has to the sun, in whose Games we travel. But it’s a very delicate balance and no-one is more acutely aware of that than the people who live here. Gio tells me that, even before the storm, this year there was less ice than in previous years. It’s part of a trend over the whole of the Arctic. The area covered by sea ice has shrunk significantly in the last  years. A series of warm winters have meant that the seas haven’t cooled down as much as normal so not as much ice has been able to form. There’s little doubt that the cause of the warmer winters is us. Global warming can feel like a myth when, back in the UK, we’ve endured a string of very cold winters. But here on the front line, it’s a reality. Most predictions suggest that the Arctic will continue to warm rapidly over the course of this century. It could be that we may well prove capable of generating the kind of climate change that in the past has been created by changes in the Earth’s Games. We’ve now reached the middle of March and we’re approaching the spring equinox, the end of our journey for now.