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r be proud of you, Baumer. If you could get enough sleep it wouldn’t be a bad little war. If you could get enough food Games If you could get enough women Games Come on Heinrich, open up! We’re hungry. You know the regulations. You must all be here. We are here! Don’t lie to me. I’ve got food for men and I don’t serve until the rest of you get here. The rest of us are either in the dressing station or pushing up the daisies. Well, I’ve cooked for men. Ah, so then we’ll all have enough for once. You’ve got bread for men? Yes. And sausages? Tabacco? Yes, but Games Good, let’s have it. So let’s see. That’s enough bread for– Double portions. That’s right! Double! I can only issue rations to men. It’s Lt. Bertinck. The beans smell delicious, Sergeant. Thank you, sir. It would be nice to see this once in a while at the front, eh, Katczinsky? Yes sir, that’s right sir. Eat hearty. Thank you, Lt. Bertinck. C’mon belly robber, you heard him. Yes, but he didn’t say– Look you. We are the Second Company. You are the cook for the Second Company. You didn’t make food for men, you’ve made food for the Second Company. And we damn you, we are the Second Company. Well, it isn’t right. C’mon, old horse, stop cheating! It’s not right. It’s not right. There should be a system. This isn’t right. C’mon. Double, double. ‘Today is wonderfully good. ‘Everyone has eaten for two men and the mail has come. ‘The grasses sway like tall spears. ‘The white butterflies float on the soft warm wind. ‘How often in the last few days have we all come to the edge of death? ‘Let’s not even think about it. ‘Let’s just enjoy the world. ‘Everything is new and brave. ‘Red poppies, the good food, ‘cigarettes and the summer breeze.’ Paul? Paul? We’re going to see Kemmerich. Nurse, can you tell me where Franz Kemmerich is? Yes, he’s through there. Franz. How are you? Someone stole my watch. Bastards! I warned you, Franz. I know. We’ll tell the doctor. You’ll be going home soon. Do you think? I feel.. I’m all right. My foot. It’s so painful. It’s so cold. That pain is your ticket home. You should be grateful to that pain. That’s right. In a week from now you’ll be smoking cigars and sitting on Frau Hammerschmidt’s front porch Telling big fat lies to Katrina Hammerschmidt. Here’s some smokes and a piece of cheese from Kat, and your comb is in the tobacco tin. Put them under the bed, please. Hide them. You know they stole my watch. Franz, will you be taking these back home with you? Why not? Well, you don’t really need boots back home. We could trade. I’ve got.. No! My mother gave me those. You could lend them to me? No. You’ll be home a lot sooner than us. That’s right, you won’t have to wait for leave now. Orderly. Orderly! They don’t come. They never come. We’ll get someone. It’ll be different at home. When you return.. ..We’ll be together. We’ll come tomorrow. I’ll come tomorrow. Thank you. Thank you. I’ll be back. Make sure you get my watch. We will. You think I don’t care about Franz. Of course I care. If I could save his leg or life, I’d walk