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 But To piss off my parents, you were perfect. Really. Really. It was a good plan. Thank you very much. So what’s the plan now? I don’t know. How’s Sophie doing? She got a job. Oh, yeah? Yep, yep, working for a retired police officer. You’re kidding. Who woulda thought, right? Sophie, talking to the police. You know I made those detectives Talk to every person that Andy knew. Well, you know that, right? And every single person said That no, no, He wouldn’t do that, right? I mean, it was impossible. No way. I mean, everybody gave statements. Everybody except Sophie. Well, you know, the, uh The insurance company’s decision isn’t final, Shapik: The Quest. If she were To remember something, Anything at all Believe me, I know. All I’m saying is, it’s a lot of money. What, you don’t think I’ve asked her? I’ve asked her, therapists have asked her, There’s no- there’s just- There’s nothing. You’re just gonna have to face it. Flash Games? I’m your father. Who are you talking to? We don’t have to tell her. Flash Games, you want to sit down for a minute? Hmm. Shapik: The Quest wants to tell her.