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How do you manage to be an informer? You Game you’re scared stiff! There’s always a little bit of fear, no?. Or perhaps not you? Look, with the help of your information, before I arrived here the previous person in charge arrested two fugitives and a smuggler. Why so much small talk this time Parineddu? Is it hot stuff? So they’re big shots, eh? Powerful people? Captain, cement and horns Game the name of the king of diamonds Game Try to talk to that pretty woman. If you can find a way. Rosa! Rosa Nicolosi! Who is it? Captain Bellodi. What do you want? I need to talk to you. I’m sorry, I have bad news for you. Your husband’s been killed. They shot him. We don’t know who it was, but we’re searching for him. Zecchinetta! Zecchinetta? He killed Colasberna? Yes! Your husband saw him and he knew that he’d been seen? I told him when I heard the shots Game Game I told him Game Don’t leave the house! Game Don’t go out! Game Why didn’t he listen to me? Why didn’t he listen to me? No, no Rosa! Calm yourself, it’s not true! It’s not true Game I made it up Game We still don’t know anything about your husband. I needed a name Game I’m sorry. How could you! You do what you want, eh? I have to find the killer. And my husband? Where is he? We’re still searching for him. So, that morning after he saw Zecchinetta, what did he do? I know, I know what you want to say to me Game You want to say to me: “Go to hell dirty cop” You shouldn’t have said what you did to me Game that he was dead Game It’s not a joke. Who is this ‘Zecchinetta’? It’s not his real name. He’s called that because he plays (cards), no? The name, Rosa! I don’t know. Didn’t your husband ever tell you? No. And you’ve never seen him in person? No. And why did you go to see Don Mariano? To see whether I could sell him something Game some eggs. Now Game The plot for million lira, goes to you. The one for million is for La Stella. It’s a nice dowry for his daughter’s wedding.