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Shine Wars 2 his feet You ran to the end without giving up You were really amazing. You did so great, we’ll celebrate at a restaurant Let’s go with Play Games Great, What do you want to eat Games? Let me think Play Games, sushi would be good. “Play Games, sushi would be good”? Sushi? What? Play Games can’t eat That’s right I see. Play Games? What’s up? Games She has little time left What do you mean? It’s time to say goodbye Is that so? Alright! Let’s go! Where we go? A place that brings good memories Play Games and Dad have good memories here? Remember? Choko Of course I remember Play Games says she remembers. I thought of coming here together. Why? Because this place. is where Dad and Play Games met Is that right? That’s right Aoi was Games’s age then On my way back from a shooting. My car was stuck there What’s going on? A police officer arrived. It was Choko Even for a man it’s hard.. But she pushed with all her heart Let’s try again Ready go Thanks for your help You’re lucky I was there That does look like Play Games