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All that paper on the floor Games ? Yes, I know. I want to write a letter to my class, but everything I write seems dumb. How about you say everything that springs to mind and I write it? Maybe you could tell them about your room? Dear All. Thanks for the cool drawings Games Hans, blow the whistle, would you? Gather round, everyone. I’m in Room . is my lucky number, so I’m bound to get well. My doctor’s called Moustache. He’s so nice and has a big moustache. You’d have paired him up with Ina right away, Lisa. In the beginning I had lots of injections. How did you feel then? Like a pin cushion. Instead of Anja Solbakken, you should call me Anja Hedgehog. Sometimes I squeal like a pig. The nurse says that should make me good at bumping in the tournament. Now I don’t need more injections because I have a small station. Not like a railway station, but I have a small box under my skin where they inject the yucky gunk. It makes you throw up a lot. How’s training? Has Ina given many penalty points? Or has she given it a miss because I’m not there? Jonas, don’t you dare touch Lisa’s hair. There are enough baldies here. I’ll be allowed visitors soon. Will you come? Hug from Anja Hedgehog. Anyone want to go and see Anja then? She can only see two at the time. Lisa, as her best friend you should go, for the other we’ll draw lots. Can I borrow your pen? The first to guess what number I write gets to go. Go ahead Four How did you know that? It’s Anja’s lucky number Are we going to do some training or what? Thanks a lot From now on the whole class can come and visit. Is everyone going to come? Except Jonas. But you don’t want him visiting you anyway. Hello Well, quite a party. That’s excellent, because I’ve got some good news. The most recent tests show far fewer bad guys in your blood. I can play football again, I can go home and go to school Easy now. You have to stay here a little longer. But that’s fantastic news. Yes. Hello. Oh Games Ina Bakkeland, I’m Anja’s teacher. Nice to meet you. I’m Doctor Larsen, Anja’s doctor.