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He’s trapped now, with his whole colony, worse than you are. The Kraken has saved my life countless times. And I his. Those were the days. Well, those days are numbered if we can’t get back and help him. It’s up to you, Nathan. Nathan sighs Stand back. Splendid. A toast to our new world. both Our new world. alarm buzzing It’s coming from Nathan’s cage. Whoa, wait. Nathan? computer voice Attention, breach attempted in chamber . Chum buckets! That bag of blubber is going to ruin everything. Luigi, freeze the entire chamber, stat. Yes, mon capitan. You can’t do that, you’ll kill them. Who asked you, you overgrown worm. I, I thought we were going to be friends. Bring it up at the next group sharing session. Oh, yeah, when’s that boss? Never! But you said I could Shut up! That’s what you can do, moron. Shut up! computer voice Freezing unit activated. groaning I told you, I can’t do it. What’s that sound? That freezer unit. It’s extremely strong. They’ve run it to punish me before. But never so high. Alice They’re trying to turn us into frozen food! Keep moving or you’ll freeze solid. Evo, Deep, think! Leave me alone. You’re right, Alice. I have done enough damage. How many lives have I ended? Mothers. Kids. My closest friends. I’m no leader, guys. I’m a murderer. sniffling Oh, for crying out loud, is that the best you can do, you big whiney cephalopod? We need you, dude, like, right now. Your mad genius. Your drive. And I mean it. So get off that sorry little butt of yours and lead us, leader. That’s an order! Okay, let me think here. light bulb dings Got it. Sorry, just me. growls Okay, guys, who has an idea? Throw them out. Really? Really, I want to hear your ideas, and fast. Well, I know that whenever I get too worked up, my light goes on the fritz. Evo, you’re brilliant. I am? Yes. We don’t try to turn the freezer unit down. We turn it all the way up. Push it so far it blows out. Let’s go. How are we going to open that panel? Alice I have an idea. I’m listening. I’m probably small enough to get into that panel and open it.