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 I know man but without Maya it doesn’t mean a thing. – I really blew it. – Did you really mean that? I know I can’t expect you to be there for me when I wasn’t there for you. If you have to go to UBC I’ll have your back on that. They got dance crews on the west coast. You’d move there for me? That’s what I’m sayin’. I want to be that best friend you can always count on. Even when you’re old wrinkled and fat. Cheer y’all! You all know how we do it at Beat the World. Give some more love to Fusion! Let’s go! Let’s go! Yeah! Come on! Rock your body Wooo! The dread of the curl The streets of the girl The only way to the top is to beat the world You weak you get hurled out with no hesitation We build on skills in this hip hop nation We the beat boys graffiti fighters we them Culture keepers we see trends We was at the beginnin’ now we still winnin’ Now today we gonna see them ends Down with the guns of the revolution We go hard for evolution We bear arms but we not shootin’ We invadin’ the game and bringin’ the truth in Rise to the beat with the KRS-One If you posin’ move over ’cause here we come Put your best foot forward if you dare to face us We’re the new elected leaders of the hip hop nation We got a beat to rock your body We got the joints so join the party We gonna dance to the halls of freedom Tear down the walls baby we don’t need ’em We got a beat to rock your body We got the joints so join the party Yo K’naan! Turn your mic on! Let’s go! Will you kindly step out of my way dog Do I look like I care about what they blog? How they make it rain when at best they fog And we runnin’ this town I suggest you jog I do this for survival Besides that I came to take the title On the floor my feet be homicidal And God bless Michael ’cause that’s my idol We got a beat to rock your body We got the joints so join the party We’re gonna have us a celebration dance To the rise of the hip hop nation Trust me I know all about it Let’s go Siegius Arena! Put your hands up! Come on! We know freedom We know we know Come on! What up y’all? All right the judges have come to a final decision. Are you ready? The  Beat the World champions are from across the bridge Windsor’s Fusion! stay with me forever If you wanna love me you know you gonna stay with me forever Maybe it’s ’cause I’m cool and Siegius Arena That’s why girls are going crazy Or because I’m fast and easy That’s why they all love being by me – What was that for? – Well if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have made it through the competition. What are you going to do about the loan shark? We’ll just have to dance the samba at the hotel until we pay the rest off.