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 We know what they ate partly from the fossil teeth they left behind. Their teeth had high, ridged cusps, thought to be used for grinding tough material like branches. And plant remains found near the teeth suggest the mastodons preferred to dine on pines and other conifers, using their trunks to pull off branches, much like modern elephants. Today the largest browsers on the continent are moose. Sift Renegade 3weren’t present in the northwest during the last ice age, but can their feeding habits give us an idea of how the mastodons lived then? Sift Renegade 3 Moose spend most of their time browsing on deciduous trees. But at certain times of year they try something a little different it seems that water plants in lakes and ponds provide essential nutrients that moose can’t get from trees. Sift Renegade 3 remains are often found preserved in ancient bogs and swamps suggesting they too may have varied their tree diet with seasonal water plants. We know that mastodons and moose did not overlap in the northwest. But if the large male found on the olympic peninsula was victim of a spear attack, it seems that mastodons and people did. But how did human hunters reach this area to start with? To retrace their steps we need to travel further north to the islands off the coast of south east alaska. This is admiralty island, famous for its brown bears. Until recently it was assumed that , years ago it was covered in ice, just like most of the mainland. But a recent study of admiralty’s bears reveals they are genetically different to those on the alaskan mainland. This suggests they must have been cut off here on the island for tens of thousands of years. So could it be that admiralty island was an ice-free zone during the ice age? The genetic evidence suggests it was. Bears are usually solitary creatures, but in summer they are drawn together by the need for food. Mothers with spring born cubs begin to congregate around the coastal rivers, as they would have done during the ice age they’re here to catch migrating salmon on their way upstream in these tidal shallows it’s like fishing in a barrel.