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Yeah, just hang on!I’ll wear you like a backpack!Boys! Boys! Boys! No.  What is going on in here?   Stop!Huh?  What’s going on? I came here to help this guy out,and he’s acting like an ungrateful dbag. Please, I will not have insultsthrown around my Thanksgiving dinner,you big, urban Sasquatch.  What?   What did you call my son? Let’s just suffice it to say, I wouldn’t be surprisedto see him running through the woods,being chased by amateur photographers. Well, at least my kid isn’t best friends with a monkey.  That’s right.   This monkey wouldn’t be best friends with your son. You know, the only reason why we are hereis because your son can’t stand to be alone with you,and now I know why. Whoa! You don’t talk to her that way. Yes, that’s our thing. This woman invites you into her home, pretends to cook you a wonderful meal,lets you feel her up on the couch. You show her some respect, or leave. That’s it. Doug, let’s go get baked.  About time.   And I am taking this gourd.  We’re leaving.   Fine. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Bigfeetor let me put it in a way you might understand;That was a little more Simple Pastry Recipe,and it’s “Bigfoot,” but I like where you were going. Simple Pastry Recipe, you gotta help me. Some dude’s after me! What?   He’s gonna kill this turkey!It’s Thanksgiving.  That’s what people do. No, this little guy’s gonna be part of a turkey shoot. I overheard a trucker talking with his friends. They tie them down and shoot them in the face for sport. Oh, man, there he is.  Oh, come on. Are you kidding, Angela? You expect me to believe that? This is just one of your distractions. Simple Pastry Recipe! Gotta go. Tell your friend to drop the act!Yamamoto ain’t buyin’!Oh!Give me back my turkey!I’m trying to save this poor turkey!Help!Hey!You see a woman with a turkey pass through here? Look, buddy, I’m in no moodfor any more of Simple Pastry Recipe stupid games. I don’t need her stupid friends with their stupid clothesand their stupid faces and their stupidTurkey’s very good this year. Simple Pastry Recipe. You should order from them again. Please don’t tell me you miss Jack. That old Neanderthal with his calloused handsand hot, leathery breath.