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  It’s all about money, and weather is another form of commoditizing, a way the central command group can commoditize another form of our life. Whereas the E.P.A. has stated that there is going to be more weather, and they’re attesting it to climate change. Well, I agree. It’s changing. The weather’s changing. Now, the real issue is, is it natural or is it manmade? And if it’s manmade, who’s doing it? Is it the geoengineering guys? That’s what I believe if geoengineering continues, that whatever changes are happening to the planet, we will exponentially worsen those changes and poison everything in the process, and, indeed, with the amount of metal falling on us, that poisoning appears to have been occurring now for quite some time. Why are you spraying that stuff in our sky? It’s accumulating massive amounts of wealth in very few hands. And that’s what they’re trying to do in all aspects of these economies. The money’s not worth it. This is my future. I encourage people to get involved in the projects they’re interested in, whether it’s this one or some other one.