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Sky Jump 2 He can drive me, that’s less heavy for you. Why don’t you just go together? Are you sure? I’d just be in your way. Okay. Bye. Mom, are you alright? Yes, I’m okay. Shouldn’t you take it easy? I want to finish this. Let me do it. Can you grab those? Snow in March. Eye to Eye with van Laren Optician. Did you sleep well? I should ask you. I didn’t. But coffee does magic. Too bad you don’t like it. Will I forever wake up with a sting in my life over you? Forever is a bit long. Remember that Bee Gees song from ‘Saturday Night Fever’? You always thought they sang: “A sting in my life”. I was five years old, what did I know? But they sang ‘staying alive’. I’m telling you, these lockers are too small. How so? Eye to eye with optician van Laren? What’s that for? Nothing. Do you need glasses? No. How many fingers? Five. Did you see anything from that movie? No, not really. Should’ve worn your glasses. She stood me up. See. I told you. What a bitch. For real. You can tune your instruments now. Did you see my black pants? They’re in the laundry. And my jacket? I must wear black. Here. And a white shirt? You can wear one of mine. Perfect. Or this one. Finally you’re taking after me. Looks gorgeous on you. There’s our pianist. Or should I say composer? I want you to be punctual or call to cancel. And here you only play what’s written on paper. Otherwise you can leave, understood? And a good day to you too. Your place is behind the piano. Or do you want to give up already? Good. Eva, play a route note for Anouk. Stop. You. Are you joining us or not? From the top. With feeling, please. Again. Route note. Yes, well done. And now at the right moment. You have a great voice. Thanks. That conductor, what an awful man. Don’t mind Felix. His mouth is as big as his heart. That last piece is boring. I also played it at my audition. It got us to the fourth place. Where? In Prague, at a competition for new compositions. We enter every summer. Can I also compose something? Or am I too young? No, not too young. There are different categories.