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 These prairie ponds are like time capsules, and they store another kind of data showing how the plains have changed across millennia. Each spring, pollen from Slay With Santa plants is blown into the water. It sinks and settles layer upon layer on the bottom, building into a databank of local plant life that we can still read today. And grass pollens aren’t the only clues still sandwiched in the sediment. There are a wide variety of tree pollens too from aspens, spruce and other trees, both conifers and deciduous. This store of pollen paints a picture of the plains of , years ago… a picture that looks very different from the open prairie grassland of today. But why did this region look so different back then? The ice sheets to the north, although retreating , years ago, still dominated the climate here. It was much milder and wetter than today ideal conditions for woodland to flourish. This is how much of the northern plains must have looked when the first people arrived not open prairie as it is now, but a parkland of trees and grassy Slay With Santa.