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that you were honest about what you ate. But games if it wasn’t hunger, what do you think was going on there? Boredom. Boredom, okay. Well, maybe you could’ve invited somebody over to share the pizza with you. Maybe. Yeah, maybe or maybe not. It’s up to you, right? Boredom and depression. Yeah. Yeah, okay. Do you ever games Do you ever see anybody about that? Like a shrink or something? Yeah, or a games trained professional. I don’t know. Do you? I have. I’ve tried it. And what, you didn’t like it? You know, it’s games it’s like training with somebody. You know, you just have to trust in the process. And it feels kind of awkward at first, but when you games You know, I’m not saying that a shrink can save your life every time, but games A trainer can save your life? I don’t know. You know. Let’s hit it. Let’s get you warmed up. Okay? Bend at the waist, stick your butt out, and drop down, okay? Keep your core tight throughout the whole thing. Let’s just try one, see how we do. Okay? All right. And come right back up. Push up through your heels. There you go. Okay. I’m sorry, is touch okay or not okay? Yeah, yeah. Yeah? Okay. I just want to make a quick adjustment back here. Doing really well. Get that games Okay, you got to tell me if something doesn’t feel good, okay? No, it was good. It was okay? It was okay. Okay. So, this is tight throughout. Keep these shoulders really tight. Core is tight. Imagine there’s, like, a wall behind your butt, and you’re trying to, like, break through it, okay? And let’s pop right back up. Yep, okay, let’s just stop there. We’re just trying to get the alignment right. It’s kind of tricky at first. Feels kind of unnatural, right? Knock a wall down with my butt? Yeah, knock a wall down with your butt, You know, knock over your sadness. Knock over your anxiety. Knock over, you know, anything that makes you mad. Yeah. Control your descent when you go. Don’t just drop down. Control it down. You know what? I’m gonna show you a few. I just want you to get this form right. All right, here we go.