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I’m used to it Take it easy Come over here, boys Everybody come over here Isn’t she wonderful? Delightful Cute Sweet Look at those eyes The glance of a Madonna And on top of it, she thinks I’m making fun of her A fantastic beauty The entire exterior, that’s what I said And the little nose, isn’t it pretty And those adorable little ears I can even waggle them Please show us Kids, that’s just great Kids, I’m going crazy I’m going crazy Herr Mahldorf! Return to your place Forward march! The other gentlemen also I have no use for you, Miss März  But I  You’re not suitable  But you told me  I was wrong Take your things, follow me downstairs, I’ll give you back your papers We’ll pay you a full month’s wages But please I can type very well,  syllables per minute Please dictate me anything So that I can prove it to you, please dictate anything I’m really very suitable I can type  syllables per minute But please dictate anything, a letter or no thank you, really you aren’t It’s no use Don’t trouble yourself Please gentlemen, won’t you dictate me something? Just one letter, I only want to prove I find you too pretty But that’s not my fault If you please Excuse me That was great, wasn’t it Where are you going? But he fired her I thought I thought he’d transfer her to another department I couldn’t have known that he would at once We must do something about it Look at the sentimental fool, trying to act the romantic Shut up! The Miss was only for half an hour with us, but we’ll pay her a full month’s wages Herr Leschke  What do you want?  Herr Leschke, I have a big favour to ask Herr Leschke, I implore you not to discharge the Miss  I would like to  You’d better leave that to me Here, go to the director Get his signature And then pay out the Miss’ wages In conference  Do not disturb Can’t you read? I can, fluently Hello there Yes It used to work perfectly before What is it? Excuse me, Director A signature  marks? For what? For the new girl What? She’s been discharged already? Yes I wanted to ask you, Director If it wouldn’t be possible to withdraw the discharge What did she do? She did nothing, Director Absolutely nothing. On the contrary, I did something You did what did you do? I kissed her Oh? Yes, kissed her You see, Director, one is human after all And not only an employee  One has after all  In the office? You kissed a lady during working hours in the office? All right, she may stay Thank you, Director Hand me the pen, can’t you see I’m looking for it So you withdraw the discharge? Yes, I already told you Thank you very much Have you gone mad! What’s the meaning of this! Who do you think you are! You may stay Where? Here No! Yes I just gave the Director a serious talkingTo You may stay Say, are there moments in your lives when you don’t kiss each other? No You see, the Miss stays with us  Here you are  That’s news.