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No! It’s not egoist! “- Individual battle? – That’s it! Write it down!” He always said: “That’s it! Write it down!” Individual! Sure, I wrote it down. But it’s not there any more… to read it again. “Mado” was from the start a story about a venal relationship. It’s a film about venality, no doubt about it. How many clients did you have this month? Would you like a commission? It’s part of a souvenir of Buzzati who’d written a book entitled “A Love” which described the relationship of an architect, I think, with a dancer who was an “occasional”, an occasional hooker. To accept that you do with others what you do with me, that drives me crazy! There he showed that egocentric and machisto behavior very well. I talked about it with Néron, we went on about it, and then we said: “But what does he do?” That’s when we came up with: “Property developer”. Still no sign of Julien? That’s good, property developer. A cultivated type, who moreover wants to be honest. If there are any. And at the same time has foul relationships with little ladies. I prefer we won’t see each other again. As you like. But quickly, we fell for the wish to describe a state of society which grieved us. You can say it’s my blackest film. “Mado”, while I made that film I never had the urge to laugh. You’re an art lover, look at that beauty. Sturdy… and beautiful. I love sculpture so much and when I realized that I couldn’t make it without a studio, I ground to a halt completely. I told myself: “I won’t touch it anymore”. And in fact, I didn’t relate to sculpture any more other than by shots which probably, unconsciously, influenced my way of filming and even was an influence on the operators, by way of my demands on them as a way of filming the individual related to background, environment, to body movements, to expression, to body language. All that must’ve been related to that voluntary amputation of sculpture. Well, that’s it. – It’s not too long, is it? – What? Antoine’s monologue. My impression is that it’s always the same scene.