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Sniper King Thank God. SIGHS I thought you were having an affair. SPEAKING RUSSIAN Is everything in place? Yes, Mr. Cherevin, our asset in the U.S. has been contacted. He’s prepared? Yes, sir. Merely awaiting your order. We will strike Game tomorrow. Very well, sir. Sell orders have all been entered. It’s time. We will activate our asset immediately. PRIEST SPEAKING RUSSIAN And this must be Aleksandr. The prodigal returns. He may not be a regular churchgoer, but he’s a good man, my son. He just turned . MRS. BOROVSKY: And he already has a job at the auto plant. CONVERSING IN RUSSIAN It was stupid to mention the job. A real mother would. It wasn’t necessary. PRIEST SPEAKING RUSSIAN Today’s reading is from the Book Of Lamentations Game Game chapter , verse Game Lamentations. PRIEST CONTINUES IN RUSSIAN SPEAKS IN RUSSIAN We’ve been activated. Thank God. He has torn down the strongholds Game of the daughter of Judah. He has brought her kingdom Game Game and its princes down to the ground in dishonor. INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS MR. BOROVSKY SPEAKING RUSSIAN The timing of the attack has been brought forward. We leave tonight. Take nothing with you. ALEKSANDR SPEAKING RUSSIAN There is one loose end to tie up first. MAN: ON RADIO Playing the hottest music in Detroit. Feel the heat now. COUNTRY SONG PLAYING ON RADIO Hey. Hey. Excuse me. SONG CONTINUES PLAYING You look kind of lost. GAGGING PANTS DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE So, I’ll have to keep him busy at the table for what? Ten minutes? To be on the safe side? What are you talking about? You’re not going. You said he insisted I come to dinner. It’ll look suspicious if I don’t show up. No, no, it won’t. HARPER: She’s right, Jack. To him, something will be off. You’re not involving her in this. You involved me in this by not telling me. You got to get her out of here. Send her home. Well, what are you gonna tell Cherevin? That I’m homesick? These are dangerous people, Cathy. You cannot be here. If you’d told me who you really were, I wouldn’t be. I took an oath! I took an oath. I couldn’t tell you unless we were married.