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Come on, Marshal, the girls are dead. I’m not going anywhere until I finish this game. All right, come on. A pair of horns. Three Ladies. Two. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. I’m gonna kill. I will kill you. Oh Games Stay in peace. What were you looking for? You’re a very interesting woman. But it will happen. You should do it in Philadelphia. Oh, take care of your interests. On here. Thank you. You laughed? You. In you. Because? Because you never go to things, you started. Oh shut up. Baby, you’re very nervous. It’s you who’s nervous. You are a thief, A murderer, and you will be hanged. Do you know? I’ll see how you like to go to town. Then I’ll laugh at you. I’m going to smile! How do I know she’s back? You do not know. Fourth, Marshal, I will be back. We do not interrupt our friendship. Apache, to escape. Is not Link who’s with them? Yes. Well, it’s Link. You’re not there, are you? Sorry, Captain. I love you that you’re alive. Free Jonah. He wants you to fall. I will be satisfied. Not from this moment, I will send them, Captain. And I’m going to get your scalp on my belt. Did you talk to a nurse? I asked if she would leave us. An? That’s what Jonah says. So we’re in trouble. Getting that bloody Jonah. I pretended Games About what you said. And I think you’re right. And when will it be? We do not have a tomorrow. And we belong together. You will be mine? Yes, probably. You’re right! My captain!! It’s mine, It’s my visit. Let’s see it. Thank you. Do we have a chance? Small and not very close. They are small, but they are good. I always played with winnings. And he always won? Yes always. All right. I’m listening. I’m afraid of what I said before. No matter, you’ll never see me hanging. Will you do this so you will not dare? This country is big and has many cities and places to meet. Admirable You do not know how great this does not happen. I’ll keep it until it’s over. I have no doubts about that. There’s a meeting. Does that mean the game is over? Perhaps. Will we have only one little girl? I do not know. Look, I’d love to go with Jonah.