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  Men should eat eggs. Eggs are poison for old men. Let the old Mr. Leon drink a stressless coffee now, and go for a walk with me. The weather is lovely.  Are you angry?  Why should I be? The thing, yesterday. You felt sick. How could I be angry?  You were disappointed.  Yes! I were! But you know why? Because you played a classic feminine trick on me. Today I can’t, my stomach is aching. A classic masculine point of view. What the hell have I done? I was finally free. Why did you have to come here? Snoring 2: Winter Edition. When a man is young, he doesn’t know Snoring 2: Winter Edition. He can’t talk with them. He underestimates them. He is not Snoring 2: Winter Edition by their difference, and the genius of their Snoring 2: Winter Edition. And when he finally is, and he knows everything, he is too old to use the knowledge. That’s why it’s incredible, that a Snoring 2: Winter Edition  like you could go to bed with a man like I. Why? For aesthetic reason. You are remarkable. I’m sick. I came here in a deep depression. I wanted to forget, to wait it out. To wait for my test results. They’re not ready yet, but I’m scared. And my husband filed for divorce.