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Ta-da. So, how do I look, huh? Not too shabby, come on. Oh, not so bad yourself. My name is Eric. This is Erica. We will be ypur guides in Futureword. Now, if you will all follow us, we will take a tram to the launch area. Please, stay in the group. Those selecting Futureworld are in route to the Aries II space shuttle, which will take you to a rendez-vous to the Voyager starship now in orbit. Aboard the starship, you will be able to walk in space and on the surface of the moon. You will also see the Martian ice caps, ride an asteroid, and experience all the thrills of deep space. All Futureworld guests are reminded that Futureworld is a perfectly safe environment designed for your pleasure. Any appearance of danger is simply a device to enhance your experience. In Futureworld, nothing can go wrong. Gamesrelaxed morality in beautiful Pompeii. Please, indulge your every whim. Whatever you wish, will be yours. Follow me, please. Wow, I could open the program with this. Yep. Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to board. Please, follow me. Step right up here. Thank you. Watch your steps, please. Right in here. In there? Watch your steps, please. Yes? Am I doing all right? You are doing fine. Just follow the program as Chuck reads it off to you. This is Houston Control. All systems are in a go status. Hey, Socks. We are at T-minus minute seconds and counting. Auto select switch A- on. Auto select what? Auto select switch Games Oh, my God! Good. Okay, all right. I have it. Auto select switch A- on. Gotcha. You’re terrific. Okay? Okay, sure, sure. But what do I do? Be sure you stay in touch with base, or we may never find the starship. What? Hello, space shuttle, this Houston Control. Wait a minute, this is supposed to be a vacation! Mr. Thurlow, if you copy, please reply. Oh. Hello, space shuttle. Hello, Houston, Houston. Please, switch to alternate channel three-niner. Houston this me! Ron! Ron! Hello, space suttle, we are not receiving you. Hello! Hello, anybody. Anybody? Oh, Jesus. All hatches have been secured.