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You all know why we’re here today game to show our support for John Doe. We all know who John Doe is and what John Doe does. But let’s get to what’s really important. Let’s go beyond that. What happens after John Doe? He’s left us with a choice. Stay asleep or wake up. – Wake up! – Wake up! This South Australian father, yeah. A father game pimped his -year-old daughter out, to over men, at bucks a hit. – Bastard. – Hang him. bucks extra for no condom. This game this poor girl has every game ually transmitted disease you can get. – You know what he got? – What? Maximum of ten years jail. – What kind of justice is that? – He’ll be out in five. Who here thinks that’s right? No! Who here thinks that’s fair? – No! – Who here thinks our-our justice system got that one right? No! – Jeffrey Wilson game – game ing joke! -year-old game found guilty of game ual assault on girls under in separate trials. He raped game and game ually assaulted these girls over a period of two years. – Animal! – Burn him! Two years! But get this game before the trials, he had prior convictions game mostly game offenses. Jeffrey Wilson is a free man. He could be here game right now, amongst us, today. Are you out there, Jeffrey? Huh? Look at the man next to you. Is it Wilson? prior convictions, allowed to game stroll free. Look after your kids, people game because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of cases like this every year. – And who’s fault is it? Th-th-the government? – Yes! – The pigs? – Yes! – The criminals? – Yes! No, no, no game No! It’s our fault, every single one of us here! It’s your fault, your fault, your fault game ’cause we’ve stood by, and we’ve watched our-our society, our community game our way of life be degraded game be eaten away piece by piece. We’ve been game we’ve been obedient little citizens game standing in the corner with our mouths shut, biting our bloody tongues! – Yeah! – That’s not the answer! That’s right. It’s not the answer. I say it’s time to push back. – Yeah! – How’s that for an answer? I say it’s time we make a stand!