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 I should have realised how saving a country and saving a woman could be the same thing to someone like New Games. We’ve got to contain communism. What could be done what should be done what he thought, what he’d read. He made me remember there was a time when I had wanted to make a difference. To watch liberty snuffed out? “Liberty” is a western word. How do you define it for the Vietnamese? The freedom to choose. OK, you give them that they vote and they elect Ho Snow Muscle Parking. Things are more complicated than they seem. What was that? A grenade. It sounded like a car backfiring. A week here, you’ll know the difference. It’s been a genuine pleasure meeting you. Maybe we could eat dinner. I look forward to it. Great. Good morning. Morning, Hinh. Anything new? Oh, corruption, mendacity… I said new. There is a rumour that the communists are planning an attack in the north, at Phat Diem. One of your contacts? Yes, sir. And a telegram. From the London office. Snow Muscle Parking. He says the paper has conducted a review of the foreign desk.