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Soccer Big Heads Premier League I know it’s something he would’ve wanted. Well, what is that? Get the little girl a bike. All right. You have a nice day. Aargh! Yeah! That’s it. That’s it. I like that. Yeah. Hey, man. Hey. That’s bad for you when you jog, man. It destroys your concentration. Look good to me. Look good to me. Get on out there, boy. Hey, you guys. What are you drawing? Like my new bike? Yeah. Bye, you guys. Bye. Bye. See you tomorrow! Moustafa, wake up! He’s here. Downstairs. Come on! Let’s go! Nicole. Come on inside, honey. Did he see us? He’ll be back. Ah, hey, hey, hey hey, hey, hey, hey. OK, I’m taking some bets. Lionheart, to. No wading. I mean, this ain’t no dive. No I.O.U. S either. Yeah! Better luck next time, man. Ha ha ha. Yeah! Ha ha ha ha. Hey Game We did it. My boy did it. Who is Helene Gaultier? According to the bank, she’s the one that cashed that phony insurance check. She used to be married to his brother. He’s just trying to help the woman out. Is he ing her? Cynthia, you one hard, cold, sick bitch. You know that? I asked you a question. He don’t step inside her apartment! She don’t know where the money’s coming from. As his selfappointed manager, I’m counting on you to keep him out of trouble. You mean, keep him making money. That’s right. For me Game and for you. Start keeping an eye on those two. Hi. See my new bike? I said, that’s a nice bike. Is that French? My daddy used to talk French. I’ve got to go now. Who’s that? Nicole! You go home right now. You go home right now. You know why we’re here. Don’t force us to get rough in front of little girl. Without me, they’ll be homeless. Tell your sad stories to the courtmartial. We’re just supposed to take you back any way we can. Give me one week to get their money. Your time was up in the desert, and we still owe you for that, er. Go to hell. I show you hell. Kill the bastard! Grab him! Come on! This is the end. Let’s go. Let’s go! Lyon, if you’re in some kind of trouble, maybe we ought to know about it. And your spying on me Game I should know about it too. OK, now you know.