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OK. Page him. Do whatever you have to do. Tell him I’m being set up. There’s cops everywhere. Michael! Tell him to call me immediately. We have a warrant to search for narcotics. Narcotics? I want to take a look at that. Please, sir, step over here. An informant has given your address where he purchased narcotics from a Michael Carr. Are you Michael Carr? Yeah. Surprise, surprise. Michael Carr, I’m placing you under arrest for the possession of narcotics. No! You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to contact an attorney. I’m removing your glasses for your safety, sir. Games in a court of law. We’ll be taking you down to the station. If you prefer, we’ll pull a car to the back to avoid your neighbors. That’s very thoughtful of you. Call Roger. Be sure you get ahold of Roger. I’m Detective Nobu, Mr. Carr. How do you do? I want to offer you the opportunity to make this easy. If you’ll furnish us with the names of your connection, you can be out soon. I’m not talking to anybody till I speak with my lawyer. That’s your right, Mr. Carr. You got minutes. You OK? Yeah. How’s Karen? Hanging in there. Do I get to see her? Not till after the arraignment. Till then, you’re only allowed legal counsel. What about bail? It’ll be set at your hearing. What’s your money situation? Well, everything Games Everything I had went into the party to impress Lurie. I need to know exactly. $,. Well, I don’t think they’ll set bail too high. It’s not like you’re a professional dope dealer. Professional? Michael, the cops dredged about a half a pound of cocaine. We got a problem. My problem’s real simple. A cop wants me out of the way because he wants my wife. Look, this is way over my head. I got in touch with Sam Gershon. He’s the best criminal attorney I know. He’ll represent you at your hearing. You guys need to talk to Roy Cole, Davis’ partner. Officer Roy Cole. Now, he told me that if anything else happened, he’d help me out. Cole’s dead. In the line of duty in a shootout. I talked to his captain. He won’t stop till he kills me.