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Uh, why today? Why, do you have something else to do? Well, something like that. I have to go to that flight I won. What flight? A? That one you coned me. I am not angry. I must go to a board meeting, otherwise I would go instead. I don’t know how we can do it. You know, I can’t rely on somebody else, those measurements are the most important. No measurements, no show. No problem. The flight is in the early afternoon, and flight from the Rome arrives at :. Is that for sure? We know the flight schedule inside out. That means that everything is all right. Mr. Bora, they need you urgently in workshop. Games Right away. Well guys, good bye. Games Good bye. Well, what did you say you two? How much? ,. Of what? Well, of money. Of money. Money. Guys, we are making only one show. Do you understand? One. We are giving ,. Yes or no? What can we do? We agree. Hand. Come tomorrow to sign the contract. Bye. Goodbye. Cica. Are you planning to become the model? You never know Mr. Finance. Who knows, maybe. Even the film star maybe. Well, well. Did you see those penny Gamespinchers? How can we make additional ,? If he only agreed on ,. You saw for yourself, we could not negotiate. Well, even , is not for throwing away. Well Game listen. Did you hear about the director’s letter and measurements? What is the connection? I am thinking of something. Just trust me. I do, but it is not really honest. Well, it is not easy for me either, because of Sonja. But still, it is not dishonest. Imagine something happens to them. Don’t worry, they miss the route for about kilometers. There are wonderful fields for emergency landings in the village Lešnik region. Sonja is superb when it comes to that. Watch out, Sonja is coming. Well guys, is everything all right? Miss star of the universe, it is our honor to report that we examined the glider as Mr. principal ordered. Everything is in order. Seriously, principal and the prize winner are coming. Please. My star of the universe, my destiny is in your hands.