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Soccer Head Best Championship Want to take this? It’s your favorite, isn’t it? This your ball? Mmhmm. Take some money. [Knock On Door] Oh, Christ. Well. I’ll do it. Well Game finally. I mean Game I’ll fight. Oh. But first you have to help me to take care of some business. All right. Talk to me. I need to open a bank account. I like that kind of talk. Not in my name. We’ll make up a name. Don’t ask me why. Just do it. That’s my condition. I’ll call my accountant first thing in the morning. Anything else? Yes. I have to move out of here. Do I have the right to ask what brought these sudden changes on? I’m going to fight for you. I have to live like a fighter. This place is too nice, too soft, too easy. I see. Don’t fall on them damn skates, boy. What is this, a dance? He’s got on a damn skirt. Scotland. Scotland? Scotland, shit. Kick his Scotland ass. Pull up his dress. I’d like to see if he’s got any drawers on. Take your time. Don’t be shaking hands with him. Come on, now. Aw! Get off my car! Get off my car, man! Get off the damn car. That’s it. That’s it! One more time! That’s it. Yeah! That’s all right! You got it, baby. Let go of him, Lyon. Let go of him. Let him go. It’s over. Let him go. Hey, that’s right. Be ready with the cash, flash. OK. Yeah. I’m back! He’s back! And we back together! Afternoon, ladies. Moustafa. It’s your turn. Mommy, does this mean I can have a bike? Um, honey, why don’t you go in the other room so I can talk to Mr. Eldridge? Draw me a pretty picture. I’ll go draw myself a bike. That would be very nice, sweetie. She’s cute. I just don’t know how I couldn’t have known about it. Actually, husbands do this all the time. Yeah. Secret little insurance policy to make sure the wife and kids will be taken care of without freaking them out. Well, you’ll get one of those every month. You know how the post office is around here, so I’ll bring them. Oh, no. That’s fine. Um Game Yes. Thank you, Mr. Eldridge. Hey, don’t thank me. Thank the man who set up the policy. May he rest in peace. Oh, uh Game just do me one little favor.