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Soccer Heads The League Hey, put them up there. Ha ha! There. All right? Yeah. Ahh, up jump the devil and his blind children. Hey, look. Uh, look here, man. I got to make a phone call. I’ll be right back. All right? Uh, where you going? Hey, we got to find someplace to stay for the night, right? I’m looking out for you. I’ll be right back. Yeah, I’ll make a phone call. Look out, look out, look out, look out. You’re all right. Stand up. Hey, huh? Check it out, Dorothy. We ain’t in Kansas no more. Where are we going? Visit an old friend of mine. There. That’s her place right there. Ha ha ha. Sure you’re all right? Yeah. She only uses this place when she’s in L.A. On business. Go ahead. Look around. It’s yours for the night. How about you? Be right next door. That’s hers, too. It’s nice to have friends, ain’t it? Hey, look, you relax, man. Enjoy yourself. Good morning. Joshua told me you needed a place to stay for the night. I, um Game hope this was adequate. Yes. Thank you. I need to go. Excuse me. Ha ha ha. So go. When I came in this morning, you were spread across the bed like an old throw rug. What happened to my clothes? I gave them to the valet with instructions to burn them. You told them to burn my clothes? Give me a break. There are a few shops right down the street. I’m sure we’ll be able to find a way to replace your fabulous wardrobe. I just want my clothes back. Not on your life. I’m taking you shopping today if I have to drag you kicking and screaming. Why are you so nice to me? Well, there she stood All clothed in brown She saw my shadow She turned around Such a teaser Game Just try one more. Hmm? S’il vous plaît? It’s nice Game but it’s not for me. No? How about this? Any better? Ahem! Everything OK in there? Everything is fine. You know, people in New York are still talking about your fight. Let them talk. Are you planning on sleeping in the hallway? No. I’ll stay next door with, uh, Joshua. Oh. Is that it? You two, um, got something going? Cynthia, I’m not your toy. If you want a toy to play with, talk to Russell. Not to me.