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  We’ve seen UV scales go off the charts, which are a known consequence of geoengineering, ozone destruction. We’ve seen rainfall patterns disrupted in ways that meteorologists don’t seem to be able to explain or predict. The challenge that all of these weathermen face, all of them, whether they’re aware of it or not– sooner or later, they will be aware of it. And I went through a period after the epiphany of, “How did I not see this sooner? How? “I mean, seriously, “I’m supposed to do this for a living. How did I not see this?” We have–seem to have lost our moral fiber and our ethical compass when we talk about that we all should live within an experiment that somebody else is conducting. If you knew or could predict the weather at any given time in any given area, then you control the fate of mankind and what they pay for everything. Washington is not responsive to the average person. It’s responsive to commercial interests, who can spend millions on campaigns now without restriction, who literally drive the policy-making in Washington, D.C.