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I’m not saying goodbye. Expect Charles, I give him that. Don’t bring him into it. Why not? You belong with him now. You’re on the list, labelled “the past”. Aren’t you? I don’t want to see it like that. Then why call me in the middle of the night, to this Game God forsaken park Game To get me my marching orders? It’s a bit dramatic. Dramatic? Dramatic? My whole life has been dramatic. It’s been full of the sound of people shutting doors on me. You say you love me, you’ll always love me Game There’s about billion people on this planet who can say that. But is there one Game Who can stay with me? Is this Games ing mike on? I’m not saying it’s over. Yes you are, you just can’t say it. I’m not saying it’s the end. Have the courage, go on say it! I’m not saying it’s the end. Yes, it is! Okay, I’ll say it. It’s over! Don’t follow me! Diana! Boss, this won’t take long. People aren’t happy with the way things have been going over the last few weeks. Members of your staffs feel they’ve been exposed Game To situations that carry with them element of danger. We’d like you to consider strategy. There’s a feeling there’s no clear direction Game You should Game Also you’ve received an offer from Dodi Fayed. To join him again. This time just you. Say yes. So where are we going? Sardinia. Cala the Vulpe. Fox Creek. Very fond of foxes. Why so? They’re like me. We’ve all escaped from the Windsors. Hello Game Jason Fraser, what’s happening? Where are you? Here. Where is here? You know where are the foxes. Work out, handsome. Pronto. I’ve got something big. Can you be somewhere this moment? Games Morning. Games Morning. You sleep well? What’s the matter? What is she up to? There’s no time to get the Americans involved. Oslo is the last conference, before they ought to retreat. But America’s signing will be huge. There are too many sticking point. There’s basically only . Exemption for the border between north and south Korea. A delay in the treaty implementation, and the whole smart mines issue.