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Game but Goofy. Uh. Vera, this stage and costumes, you are a big heart. I hardly got them from the theater. And now tell me why do you need this theater. Sleep peacefully till the Saturday evening. Jova, what are my duties? Because you were late Sona, I am punishing you in the name of our group I am sorry Vera. As you command. To restaurant. Attention, attention, passengers to Rome please hand over your passport at the counter number . Can you imagine, after such a success in Izletnik, this cagey guy from Jugoshic says to me: “You know, we would hire you immediately, but the whole board must hear you. ” O, is it you Jova? It is nice that Vespa of yours. Both are beautiful, but they are not mine. “Uncle Mirko”. I am worried would they have glasses to lend us. But Jova, when I ask them nicely Game Hello cousin, how are you? Just a moment, I’ll be back. Unbelievable. This guy is cousin to everybody. Conversations in a museum. I don’t need museums. Conversations in a church. Let’s go forward Game Conversations in a cemetery. A cemetery? Ouch, something has cut me here. Uh, uh, it starts, starts, and then all of the sudden turn around. Who has turned around? Well, this thing that cuts me. And then goes up to the spine. What miracle? None. An airplane. Can I help you? One bunker. But grassy. Bunker for me as well. And for me. Excuse me? Double. I guess you know what the bunker is. Soft one for me. Games The same. The pilot over there. Is he your cousin as well? How would I know? Listen cousin. Go to that pilot. Ask about this flight. What are conditions or air currents over there, abroad. I’ll do it in a moment. Gabi Novak! Gabi Novak! Cousin! O, Gabi. What are you doing here? He is cousin even to Gabi Novak. Wow, you are so forward. I would be afraid to go with you to an airplane. And I would go with you to the moon. If needed. Just choose the planet. Let’s go to Mars, to Venus. To Jupiter. Well, why bargain about two, three light years. You are such a fantasist.