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Sonic VS Red Dragon And this like a little Game And put the gate there but then this Game Oh no I wouldn’t bring it up to there. Okay. Packedh ouse tonight at the Council Bluff’s City Council Meeting as hundreds protest the planned clinic which would offer abortions. LeRoy Carhart wants to move to Council Bluffs, Iowa, to our city and our state to do abortions on babies that term weeks or later. We already have an abortion facility in Council Bluffs. So as a city, as a people, we’ve already seriously compromised, betrayed the fundamental goodness of life. I brought my son with me this evening. He was born at weeks gestation. I brought a couple of little things to show you, his little diaper, his first outfits Game Late term abortions are even opposed by over % in by people who are proabortion rights. This is where everybody draws the line. I very much am concerned about the economic impact that this clinic is gonna have on our city. We have struggled dramatically with our image and I know that this is not a calling card that we want to be known for. I know I personally have been talking to landlords behind the scenes. I know other council members have, too. Tonight the City Council voted to put a deed restriction on a property on Avenue G, that they believe Carhart may have been considering for a clinic. Hear, I said that on the television the day that Dr. Tiller was murdered, that we have been at war. We’ve been at war since Roe V. Wade was passed, except there’s only been one side that’s been fighting this war. We’ve been sitting back and letting them take over the government, take over the school boards and the little local governments and work their way up to power into the state and federal level. And I think I have the ability to get the new practice going and I just think this is something that needs to be done. I’m talking to your wife that, me organizing a little posse that would watch over you. You know what being in Boulder is the main thing, okay? But if, you know, one of these guys decides to show up and hurt me, there’s not very much anybody can do about it, you know?