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       Let’s say if it was a utility company, a farmer, whatever it was. Let’s say I had $ million worth of crop, but I can do derivatives that are worth double that amount, and I can then control the effects to where I collect on the insurance that’s worth  million, as opposed to selling the crop for five million. Yes, I could definitely profit from that. , , Southern Illinois, Missouri, those–those, you know, we had a high peak of tornadoes, and those types of adverse weather conditions definitely raised the price of commodities as well as drove the volatility, which also raises the price of commodities. You’re gonna make more money if a crop fails. You’re creating insurance that’s over the price of what your crop is worth, let’s say. So what if you can control the weather? You control how these products grow. And if you had an insight to how these products were actually seeded and what products you used to actually grow those items– corn, soybeans–and you can control that market, it’s unlimited profit potential if you can control the weather.