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Make the rules and use their power to control . I think he’s hungry . I know . Why is not breastfeeding? Because I can not . I have no milk. Can I tell you something ? He is not my son . ‘m His girlfriend her father Marseille . He was in prison when his friends bribed the judge and let him go . The pregnant wife stole her money and fled here. He sent me here to take her son . And Ayub should give you a lesson . Is there Game Why help him? Said his wife was a drug addict and testified falsely against him . Said the child was in danger . I was worried about what she could do. He has a violent side . He was violent with you ? Against all. Why does this with him ? He was , living on the streets and tried survive when he found me . Did leave me drugs and made me come back to life . He is my only family. I am grateful to him for that . So he has been your lover long ago ? I feel so helpless . You were a victim of life . Wondering what I do? Tell me . You need a campfire to roast the chicken . When the sun goes down . This wasting our water . Sorry. I know what you’re doing . What is it ? It is a hell for yourself. Why married me . I will not rot in a cage . I’ll take you with me . Really? Let’s start with the account which opened in Cyprus? Give me the Game ing water. Toma. Think you know something? Think Your girlfriend will have me arrested ? Wants to kill me or send me to jail ? It makes accounting and financial supervision . I need to speak with my wife . Calm down . To . Enough. Stop it . I ‘ll kill you What’s happening with you ? We already have problems that come without trying to kill each other . We have to fix the car and get out . So we have to agree . ‘ll Be dark soon. We have to prepare . I’ll light the fire in the ruins . Let’s find something that can burn . I trusted you, and you had a microphone as an FBI agent . What could I do ? He knew where we were . What we did , and how we did . Listen . It’s not too late. We can still do it . Do what?