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I wanted our production company just as much as you. Till I noticed what a lousy business partner you are. You never finish anything. You’re totally irresponsible. Everything you touch turns to shit. Grow up! Right. Go fetch coffee for your Thierry! You’re just a little coffee boy, Lukas! Shit! ! Thierry! Lukas! My God. It’s our black sheep. I thought you’d left the herd. What’s that? Is it vintage? It’s a long story. What about the Schätzing campaign? Dead. What? For Maurice. Burnout. I’m here to rejoin the herd. Please, Thierry. I won’t allow you to rejoin the herd. You’re now a sheepdog. Huh? That’s right. You’re Senior Creative Art Director. You’re the boss. You’ve worked for this for years. Shooting begins tomorrow, using your plan. Tomorrow? Yes. And afterwards we’ll enjoy these two beauties. Conference call in minutes. Come on, gee up! Gee up! Casual, all-weather. We don’t know how long the campaign will run. Chinos and a T-shirt in petrol to match his eyes. I said twice as much equipment. We want the set to look good. You can’t be serious.