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 I heard a rumour that you’d been recalled to London. Really? Who told you that? Phuong’s sister. Game Control. What is it? We’re out of petrol. Some bugger up in the mountains must have siphoned it off. They might have some spare petrol in that watchtower. Is anybody there? It looks like it’s deserted. I’ll go in and have a look. Hello? Is anyone there? My car below has run out of gas. Do you have any gas to sell? Is everything OK? Come up. Then my friend and I will have to stay here until morning. It’s not allowed. My friend. It’s OK. Please, lower your guns. Please lower them. He’s a friend. What are you thinking? I was wondering what she was doing right now. This morning she met her friends for elevenses at La Fontaine. Ice cream and the latest gossip. On her way home she stopped at the market for fresh fish for dinner. And now she’s flipping through the pages of magazines looking at photographs of the royal family and film stars listening to Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier. I just got her started on Bach. Have you had a lot of women, Games?