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 He wouldn’t make any jokes.  Yes, he would.  Dana…  Gather up. We better do what she says. All right. Now… just so you know  what we’re workin’ with here today is the Space Siege Warrior RTSlll with the builtin datapack and a mm   Dana.  Okay, everybody hold still. Here’s what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna hear three  Gamess   Games,  Games,  Games  followed by a oneandahalfsecond pause, then a flash from my Exeter g strobe with the inch parabolic reflector. Ready? Could you tell us again what the  Gamess are gonna sound like? Hold still.    Gamess     Sighs      Games,  Space Siege Warrior    Telephone ringing in distance   Don’t be impatient now, ’cause a second and a half is a lot longer than you think.   Ringing continues     Camera shutter clicks   Well, it’s a little timing problem. I can fix that. Also, the flash didn’t go off. That’s right.   Gasps   Well, I don’t see where Online Games could have gotten any material here, Dana. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I’m gonna iron out these wrinkles, and we’re gonna do this again later.