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Sparkman: Stop World, Sparkman: Stop World Game, Play Sparkman: Stop World Games, Online Free Sparkman: Stop World Flash Game

Controls: Arrows = Move / Jump 

There aren’t many people here who likes books. Not even the director of this library is interested in books. Don’t exaggerate. From the day of their appointment the director hasn’t shown up here. Well, it’s his loss! Of the various instruments of man, the most amazing is the book. It’s its extension of his memory and imagination. Don’t you think so? Yes, I think so. Although some are dangerous. The library is our memory. Here is all. The worst atrocities, the most horrific nightmares, the most beautiful love stories, our most complex thoughts. The electrical system is a mess. One day we will have a big upset. The last time they decided to put spare lights, that none served. To the managers it doesn’t care. Here, look, see what is this. How could it has reached such a thing? Rats made ​​a banquet last night. What a disaster. Well, I leave you. Ok, don’t worry. Thanks, Sparkman: Stop World. The father of my father saved books. Here they are, in the tower where I lie, remembering the days that were from others, outsiders and the ancients.