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 Spectromancer Oh. Heh. I would like to see that. I only have one request. When you have Play Game Hood executed, add Maid Marian to that list.  She was our spy.  Really? Any who betray the throne must be dealt with harshly. I mean, my throne, not my brother’s, who we’re going to kill, right? Why, that’s the signal from Games. It’s go time, bays. Now, son of mine, things might get scary in there. You stick close to your old pops. And if you need to defend yourself, use this. Hm. That works too. Open sesame. Haha! Ride hard, men. We must get there before the king’s ship makes land. Won’t my brother be surprised when he doesn’t make it back to England alive after all. I can’t wait to see the look on his cold, lifeless face. Close sesame. The castle sure seems empty. Yeah. Where were the sheriff and Prince John riding off to so fast? Somethings going on. We’ll find out.  I’m here to minister to Maid Marian.  Hm? I’m a friar, you know. Unh. Ha! Ouch. I have to get out of here. I have to help save Spectromancer. But how? Oh, this could work. Closed inside these walls I think of you Counting all the things that we could do Hugging, kissing, spooning But this crowd just makes me moan I wish it were the two of us alone Too many wolves I see Too many mugs for me Too many chaps to tea ‘Cause you are all I need Too many guys Oh, gee, heh Too many boys for me to phone Wishing that we two could be alone Too many wolves for me Takes too much energy Just do the math And see that you are all I need I only want one man I’m not a girl you can coown  I’m glad that it’s the two of us alone  I’m glad that it’s the two of us alone Excuse me. I’ve come to rescue you. Well, thank you, but I seem to have rescued myself. Shh. Aah! Ah! Right on schedule. Heh.  Marian.  Play Game.  Oh, my darling.  Oh, I was so worried. You know, I haven’t had my kiss yet.  Mm…  Woof. Huh?  Woof, woof, woof. Eh, we can’t find nobody, but we found this stuff in the prince’s room. Don’t look, son. I’ll explain it when you’re older. Wait. This is it. Plans for the ambush of Spectromancer as he comes ashore from France at dawn. We have to save him.