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Ohh. A mother and two kids Yeah. We just need to find someone who’ll put us up for a couple of days while we work out what to do, OK? What about Leonora, my old landlady? Chuckles We are not that desperate. Oh! MATT Who is this girl? She was a beachside romance. She really loves me. Well! That went well. Rings doorbell Mum! Dad! She said she was a bit confused. Not anymore. Hey, Lou. Speaks Arabic Speaks Arabic It’s been over a year. Wait I’ve got your money. Speaks Arabic . Plus to say thanks. Took you long enough. What happened, you rob a bank? Laughs Look, the thing is, Lou, we need a place to stay, just for a few days. I don’t think that’s a g game Habibti. You know I wouldn’t ask unless it was urgent. Nah, nah. My mum was right about you. You’re trouble, E. If we’re finished with those people you’ve dumped, ignored or fought with, we might have no other alternative. You said she was a total fruit loop. Well, that doesn’t mean she can’t be trusted. I had a feeling you’d be coming. Many happy returns. Don’t ask. Leonora. Leonora Laventallini. E. Just E. Well, that’s short and to the point. Come in. This is you, the Page of Cups beautiful, artistic, emotional game ..deep. But reversed, this is the immature card. I could have told you that. More Swords behind you. Great loss or heartbreak. Her younger brother. Matt, don’t. Michael. He was only . Killed drunk driver. Terrible! Matt, shut up! This doesn’t feel like a man. This feels like a woman. E OK. We don’t have time for this psychic babble. E! How can you be so rude? Can we borrow your car? MATT Shite, shite! What are we going to do, E? E Why don’t we ask Johnny? He knows all the heavies. Stop running to feckin Johnny all the time. I’m just saying he’d know what to do. What a grand idea game Let’s go live with Uncle Johnny. You got any better ideas? E What about Bali, or Shanghai? MATT My one and only chance to travel first-class game E How was I supposed to know you need ID for domestic travel? You went to college! I rely on you. Well, you shouldn’t! I dropped out.