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I can walk by myself. Judas! Read Matthew : and you’ll see game You’d better come back tomorrow. Can’t I come in for a moment? I’m afraid it’s not possible. Has she eaten? No, she hasn’t eaten. But she is drinking? She must. She gets her salt from the water. We’ll force-feed her if need be. No, that’ll make it worse. Can’t I try? If I drink first, she’s fine. She doesn’t want to see you game But I’m her husband. It’ll be better in a few days, when the medicine has taken effect. Can I stay here tonight? You need to go home and rest. We have your phone number. I’ll take the flowers. Sorry to bother you, but I need to know which window is Viveka’s. Come, then game It’s the fourth window from the right in that row. That statement about Viveka’s and my life together game I would be grateful if only you read it. I promise. On the bus here, I thought I had forgotten the most important thing. Tell me now, then. It’s nothing pathological, doctor. It may seem so from the outside. But if you look from the inside everything is clear and logical. It’s not just ideas. I’ve got a testimonial here about the electric shocks. “Inspection of the flat: Grönviksvägen , second floor.” “When inspecting Burman’s flat,” “we noticed that the cabling above the stove was faulty” “given the official regulations for cabling over sinks with running water.” You say here that you left everything and wandered around the coast. It’s a few years ago. Was your wife in touch with a doctor then? No, Viveka just felt that we had to leave for a while. I was a bit worried in the beginning game ..but when I understood and adapted to her wishes, she was much better. Wishes? Simple things, really. We should avoid other people and spend more time by ourselves. We slept out in the open. We wandered along the beaches and accepted what God sent us. It was a great experience. Did she hear voices at that time? We didn’t call them “voices”. They were more like sensations. Like these drawings. That’s right. Don’t you think it’s your wife who’s drawn them? That’s a terrible accusation.