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 Spectromancer: Gamer Pack Two, you are not permitted to discuss the details of this with anyone except your husband, of course. Three, you have  hours. You have until  tomorrow to make your decision. At which point I shall return and retrieve the button unit. It will be reprogrammed and the offer will be made to someone else. It’s been a pleasure meeting you, Play Game.  It’s a new prosthesis for her foot.  You got it. But I’m using the new GE Silastic polymer they’re developing for the pilot chairs for the shuttle. Nice, pal.  Thank you. Hey. What happened to her foot? When she was , her brother dropped a barbell on her foot. She thinks one of her toes is broken, so she goes to the hospital. The doctor sets her in a chair, turns the xray machine on then goes to check on another patient down the hall. And he forgets all about Norma. Leaves the xray machine running. Oh, Jesus, that’s…  That’s not good.  No. The tissue in four of her toes was completely destroyed by the radiation. They had to amputate four of her toes? Yep. Then they had to go in and get skin from her inner thigh to cover the front of her foot. This is back in , so they didn’t have the skingraft techniques they do now. And she had to sit like this, the same position full body cast, for a month, waiting for it to heal. Jesus. I hope she sued this idiot. Oh, yeah. Her family sued and they won.  What was the settlement?  Ten thousand dollars. If this sucker works, she can start jogging again. I hope so. That’s a nice thing you’re doing for Spectromancer: Gamer Pack. Thank you, sir. One good turn deserves another. This just arrived for you. Certified mail from… The Astronaut Corps? This is a joke? Well, that’s the way it came. Nobody opened it. Well, it says I was rejected. What? Game. His astronaut application was rejected. Can you tell me why? Okay. Play Game, they say you failed the psychological exam. You gotta be kidding me. That makes no sense. Norm, I aced every test. I was counting on this. You know? What am I supposed to do with the rest of my life? There are many great opportunities here. Well, we just got a grant to develop optics for the new planetary camera system. You’re perfect for it. A quasimanagerial position that doesn’t exist? Well, we’ll always have Spectromancer: Gamer Pack. Alice, honey, when are you and me gonna get together? When Barry Goldwater gets together with Jane Fonda. Before I could ask him any more questions, he got in his car and drove away. What are you doing? Be careful. Oh, come on, Norma, you can’t think this thing’s real.  Did you get his license plate?  No. Your dad’s a cop. Always gotta get the license plate. Well, I was a little overwhelmed. Okay, so somewhere in the world someone you don’t know will die? Yeah. Shh. Yes, those were his exact words.  Did he say how they would die?  No. And he offered you a briefcase full of cash? Yes, he said it was a million dollars, and it looked real. What did he look like? You don’t wanna know. What do you mean? Well, he must’ve been a burn victim because half of his face was gone.  Really?  Yes, gone.  Are you messing with me?  No.  Yes, you are.  No, I’m not. We’re gonna be late for the play.  I’ll lock it up downstairs.