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Aren’t you, Giovanni? Of course. lf l didn’t support them, who would? But you. You will go on calling me uncle. Hmm? Shh. There they are. l’ll take Regina. No, Regina’s mine. Regina’s mine. Aim, fire! Bang! Right between the eyes. And now for the jackals. Aim, fire! Well? Old fool. Get back to the table. Get back to the table, l said. And you. Shame on you. The table! Get going! ldiot. Shame on you, at your age. There’s an ocean between us. Between me and the rest of you. An ocean! Talk, talk. Buy machines. The place is going to rack and ruin. You’ll find that mechanical reaper up your ass, Mr. Modernizer. You eat your meal. You go to hell ifyou don’t eat. Piss in your pocket. Where did you hear talk like that? From a friend. l mean– l mean, l’m not about to part with a cent, You can believe me. Big talk, my dear, since yourfather prefers Ottavio. Look, l only happen to be here because all of this estate belong to me. All of it to me! Else, l be game You know how l feel about Ottavio? Well, l’m envious. Yes, dear. To be able to escape this family. Oh, just imagine how it would be to spend all that money in six months. A millionaire surrounded with whores. Oh! An ocean of . Oh, really, now! What was the point in hammering at the poor child like that? l prefer educating my boy the way l see fit. Alfredo! Don’t worry. When he’s hungry, he’ll come back. l assure you. These aren’t lice. They’re roast chickens, that’s what they are. Keep still, keep still. A little fuzz on top, and the rest bald as a cucumber. Keep still, keep still. Once a hunchback Win a lady hunchback Win herwith a song And a lot of little hunchbacks came along Came along l’ll never return home anymore. l’m going to live with Uncle Ottavio. Alfredo! Alfredo, where are you? Evening, Signor Padrone. Good evening. Come back to the house, you hear me? Good evening, Signor Giovanni. Hey, you. Have you seen Alfredo? No, l haven’t. Go to bed, pumpkin head. lt’s late. Olmo. Olmo. What is it? Come to bed. You know l can’t sleep if you don’t. lf my fatherwas here, they would never shave my head