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Speed Baby Dino Perhaps, but her heart is prematurely worn. We must avoid not only all fatigue but emotion too. That’s what we do. The whistling that preceded the departure of Reginald is a code agreed between him and Morin his gamekeeper. Why? Estelle hates Morin because he provides my brother with animals which are subjected to vivisection. This idea makes her sick. Morin isjust a gamekeeper. He’s better than a gamekeeper. He collaborates in the experiments. He’s interested, him. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen. All those who have lived here are well known to me. Do not smile, Doctor. My soul is much older than me. There is somewhere in my consciousness the living memories of another Magda. You have the certainty of a previous life. No. It’s ratherthat of an extension, mysterious. They are in me. They see with my eyes. They make use of my life. You are sceptical? No. There are troubling cases of reminiscences. I beg your pardon, I’d like to see Mr. De Malveneur before I leave. It’s rather late. The Malveneurs are always waiting for something. It may be that my brother has need of me. Would you excuse me for a moment? Certainly. A curious family game Eccentric. Cigarette? No, thank you. I pity the young woman. She is resigned. Do you think he can do something for her? He treats her physical heart. But forgets the other. They don’t appear very popular in this region. The man at the station told me: Rather me than you. Do you agree? Only three types agree to come to Malveneur: Men of law, the church and of science. The mayor and the priest, reluctantly. Because of the legend? Partly yes, but also because of their behaviour. They never go out, never see anyone. Well, curious game Their coat of arms? Three gold wolf heads, on a black rock, tongues the same. Originally, there was a Latin motto like this: “With them I howl”. Well, very engaging. They’ve not told you but even today, this legend excludes them from the cemetery. But where are they buried? Here, near the chateau. That’s incredible. In the th century.