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Speed Beach Crazy Yes, thanks to your kindness. You know all about the big drama? Big drama? Forten days now, Reginald de Malveneur and his gamekeeper, Morin, have disappeared. Since then, no news. But that’s awful. What can one make of it? What do you think? Me, you know, I’m a painter: There’s always an easel between me and the world. All I know is from the waves of gossip, whispered back and too. You know the lord? No. It’s the first time I’ve been on holiday here. Are you upset? By this story? Oh, no! However, I’ll try and make myself useful. What bothers me is game What is it? It’s that you asked to not accompany me the chateau. You’re right. I’ll set you down after Les Loups. Les Loups? It’s the town before Malveneur. Ah, good. You must be often called in. You think so? I take so little space. In a buggy, of course But in a heart? Ah, that’s another matter. Distinguished? A story without words as I’ve always imagined. It’s good to know. I’ll look. What for? The words. I didn’t even ask if I was going in your direction. Almost exactly: I live metres from the station. I’m confused. Don’t be. Here’s the solution: I’ll entrust you with this fellow. Right! I’m glad to have recognized you. Recognized? Didn’t I guess who you were? Of course. I’ve long wanted to paint the perfect girl. I hope you’ll visit. Imagine it. But I’ve always imagined you. I’ll see you? Perhaps. You live in a beautiful country. It depends. Will the harvest be good? It depends. Is there much livestock round here? If this carries on, there’ll be none left. There’ve been strange goings on since game Since? Nothing. This is it. Goodbye, Miss. Excuse me! We aren’t at the chateau! I go no further. But what does that mean? You’ll see. Malveneur game Misfortune! That’s too much! Right game Alright! Anyone there? Anyone there? Excuse me, Madame. Madame! Good morning. Where can I find Madame de Malveneur? Decidedly. Everything is easy in this country. Is there anyone? IS THERE ANYONE? Thank you. The conversations aren’t tiring round here. Hello, Miss.