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Speed Car Three two five? Three two what? Never mind, it’s a card game, I’ll teach you Game You reach Humayun’s Tomb by ten. You’re wasting my Sunday on a picnic? No way! Mohit, papa is in a good mood after ages Game he’s retiring in two days Game God knows how jumpy he’ll be then Game If you want to marry me, you have to ask for my hand Game Ok? Picnic?! Ask for my hand Game How can I? Go Game ask Game Oye Mohit! Sir Give me a hand boy Game please Coming sir Just fix this Game Sir right away Game Hmm that’s it. Just press it down. Trying sir Bloody Duffer Mohit Game Yes Sir! Once again Game It’s just a frog, not a crocodile Game What a coward he is! Ohh Game so nice of you sir. Mayera ready Thank you Game welcome Game Ask for my hand Game What are you thinking so much for Game Why aren’t you asking? Ask for my hand Game What are you doing? I can’t do it Ask for my hand Game I can’t do it What are you two whispering about Game Are you cheating Game you two? No, no Game I’m telling him, to ask you for the hand Game Yes yes Game he lost the last hand Game ok ask Game Come ask for the hand Game Sir, I Game I was just wondering that Game Sir I was saying will you please Game Give me the third last card Game Third last Game One, two, is this it? Ace Game that’s an ace Game Ace Mayera Game Oh bloody Ace. lam not playing this game. You bloody cheats. I’m going for a walk.. You bloody cheaters Game All cheaters. What’s wrong with you Game You just have to ask for my hand. You can’t do this much? Humayun’s wife got this tomb built. After that Shahjehan got the same made in white marble Game for his missus, madam Mumtaz. Taj Mahal, Agra. Yes Sir Game Agra.. And after the Taj Mahal, such a grand tomb was never built. You know why? Why? All the craftsmen who made the Taj Game you know, the workers Game Shahjehan lined them up, took out his sword and whack, cut off their hands Game Game I mean it was a mean thing to do but having said that.. You know I think. Papa, Mohit wants to marry me Game What? Didn’t you hear me? What did you say?