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I still owe you a nice fat ass cheek whelp. Dr. Rhodes, hey! Next year I’m going to be in the grad program and you got me in. You got you in. Your work got you in. The thing is, I’m going to need a graduate advisor. It’s between you and Dr. Hadley, but please, tell me you’re going to be here next year. Dr. Rhodes? Yeah. I’mShah Ji, to start with, We also didn’t likedthe Idea of this dam game But its not about your or my liking,Its about the country What are you talking about? Mr. Chodhry These are traditions,heritage of our ancestors! flood our heritage? How’s that possible that we giveour votes to a river or a dam! and lose our votes in Assembly Ijaz, You’re just a kid,But your courage is admirable! Butgameour Party’s positionis very clear on this! We can never revert from our ancestors’ bidding! This Party, Respect, Votes,We owe everyting to them! Tell me peer Sahib, Are You a Muslim? Thank God, I am Muslim What does it has to do with the dam? It has to! Shah Ji, Pleae tell me!,Were your ancestors Muslim? No, Maybe Then why your ancestors left theirculture & religion behind!? I’ll tell you, They knew, It was an Idea,whose time has come They knew, It was right thing to do You know this, that this Dam ismost important thing now!! If you didn’t let this dam happen,all your farms would go barren! Factories would go down,People would be on the streat! This is what you want for your nation? Do our ancestors wanted us to behomeless on the streets? Don’t betray your country! This dam will be built!Its essential for us Heard about your little incident! Mujtaba, You look terrible Happy to see you too, Sir. I see civil life hasn’t done much toyour charming personality Well, I see, your month of practicehasn’t done much for your swing either, Sir Sir, what is like, I shan’t behappy for my incident Why can’t you be straight for once in your life Why Sir? I’d like to know, who tried to kill me Is that straight enough for you? Look,We don’t know!! You’ve worked most of your life incounter intelligence % of the agency doesn’t even knowthat you exist! Even if someone did, They’d realise that your worth ismore alive than dead Sir, I need to know! Things are not looking good Mujtaba, I’ve got a special team,and I want you, on it.! Sir, Why don’t you continue to practice, I’ll come in ten years to see you score under par Mujtaba, Try to understand. I am retired,