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Now I’m clear on what you want. How could it not had been clear? I am a surgeon! I can’t work with paparazzi sticking their cameras in my face. If you had to put up what I have to put up with Game Exactly, I don’t have to put up with it. And I don’t want to put up with it. So what are you saying? I’m saying there’s no future. The way your life is, the way my life is. It’s pointless. Hallo, Dr Khan? How did you get this number? We would like to visit you at the office tomorrow. How did you get this number? Can you give me some Game Sonya, it’s me. I’m sorry, I know it’s . in the morning, but Game Can you talk? I’ll never be happy again. It’s the end, I just know it is. I know it isn’t. You haven’t gone this far for nothing. Nobody goes this far for nothing. Come Game Good morning, may I speak to Hasnat Khan please? He’s in the Cardiac Surgical Unit. Please hold. Yes I’ll hold. I’m sorry, Dr Khan’s not available. He’s not available? What do you mean he’s not in? He’s in but not available? Morning, love. Can I have a word with Dr. Hasnat Khan, please? He’s in the Surgical Unit. He’s very busy now. Yes, but it’s rather urgent. My name’s Rita. Rita Johnson. Hasnat, it’s me. Hasnat! Hasnat! Hasnat! I want to say this. Yes, I’ve been a mad bitch. Yes, I’ve been a stalker, and yes most of all Game I put on a crummy Liverpool accent just to get your attention. But, I was provoked. I don’t know what to say if I upset you, that was because Game I don’t know, I was trying to celebrate you Game And protect you at the same time. Those two things got confused. But Game I think I have a right to be confuse when I’m up against a gorgeous creature like you. Plus Game I’m a Princess. And I get what I want. The people have spoken. I like the way Blair walks, like he’s crossing a bridge. He’s what this country needs. Yes it is. But I think we need to think about beyond this country. My work is here. Well, all you need to do is finish your PhD and then Game We could pretty much live anywhere.