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It’s hard to control. Be better to put the entrance in the alley. Make people line up and file in. If things get crazy and we have to get heavy, only a few people will see it. Something to think about. Why don’t you get yourself a drink? I’ll be with you in a minute. Yeah. Good idea. I know you have business to discuss. I’ll fill you in later. Take care. He makes a lot of sense. Yeah. You guys aren’t bull ting. No. I take security very seriously. Yeah. We’re really on top of it. Hi, there. Oh, Penny. This is Pete. Pete, Penny. Hi, Penny. Nice meeting you. Hi. Nice meeting you. We teach together. The kids at school would be so impressed I’m talking to a real policeman. They love cops. They’re young. Give them time. Maybe you’d like to come and give them a talk sometime. Yeah. Sure. Public relations loves stuff like that. Well, speaking of public relations, do you dance? Honey, can you rescue Roger Games Help me out? Hey, Penny. Come on, Pete, let’s get that drink. Here’s to your club, Mike. Pete, I want to get something straight here. I’d like you to leave. Michael, what’s with you tonight? Why did you even invite me here? Oh, no. Telling you and inviting you are two completely different things. You seem so uptight. Relax. Is it because you were up late last night? How do you know that? I was driving by your house on patrol. I saw your lights on till well after :. You don’t have to protect us anymore. You caught him. Remember? One guy is out of business and you think that’s it? You’re not a virgin anymore, buddy. You saw how much evil ‘s out there. What kind of friend wouldn’t try to protect you and Karen? You listen to me ’cause I’m telling you Games You leave us alone. You know, I think I understand where this is coming from. Oh, do you? Yeah. Just cut the , OK? Nobody expects you to be me. I make my living going up against guys like Pike. You don’t. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. Is that what you think this is about? Yeah, I do. I bet you had one hell of a night when you got home. A friend would be thanking me. I’m not your friend.