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Speed Frizzle Fraz You don’t have the ability to understand the consequences of your actions. You know what? I’m all out of sorrys. I ran out of those in the th century. Just leave the apartment. I don’t wanna fight. What do you want? I’m doing the best I can. I’ve got a kid giving me permanent stinkeye old people are yelling, I don’t know where you are I don’t know where I am, I don’t know what’s going on. Just get out of my apartment and have her lock the door. Why don’t you have your blonde friend take care of her? I’m just a little tired of doing all the wrong things. What friend? Your friend looking for you in the hallway. Blondie McGee or whatever her name is. What are you talking about? What friend? Some crackedout bird was looking for you in the hallway said she was your best friend. I don’t know. What did she look like? She was like, blonde and looked like she was trying a key into your apartment and then she sprinted down the hallway like a crazy woman. Hello? Oh, my God! Look, Maggie game I don’t have a lot of time left, you know? I’d rather not end things like this. You need to get Sophia out of that apartment right now. It’s not safe there. Huh? Get her out of the apartment. Go down the stairwell, exit through the street not through rd Avenue. Go down a stairwell? Just do it! From the th floor? Get her out of the building. Okay, so you want me to sneak Sophia out of the side entrance? Yes! That’s exactly what I want you to do! What am I? James Bond? You see that woman again, you don’t talk to her you don’t interact with her, you don’t do anything stupid. You keep her far away from my daughter. So, you want me to stay with Sophia now? Just do one ing thing right! Please, just do this one ing thing that I tell you to! Can you do this? Can you get her out of there, please? Yes, fine, whatever. Okay. Fine. Are you listening to me, Richie? Yes, yes, steer her away from Blondie, get her outta here. Take her to your apartment. I’ll call you later. Look, I’ll do whatever you want. Maggie, but I don’t think she likes me very much.